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Engineering and radiation protection expertise to minimize radiation exposure in commercial nuclear power, nuclear medicine, national labs and industrial radiography.

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Our radiation shielding materials product line is the broadest in the industry, truly allowing us to offer the best available solution to the ALARA challenges faced by nuclear professionals around the world.


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Oconee Heat Exchanger Skid Shielding

IMG_1385IMG_1391HX Skid Shielding Survey Results

Browns Ferry 360-Inspection Platform


Radiography Shielding

Radiography is a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique that uses a radioactive source to detect flaws or defects in the internal structures, typically pipes. This testing process requires an “exclusion zone” to keep workers safe, and the use of shielding shrinks that exclusion zone and improves safety and efficiency. NPO T-Flex Bismuth blankets are large and […]

Custom Fit Meter Shielding

Some shielding applications require a precise fit in order to shield effectively. The meter of this instrument was a streaming source for the workers operating it. To fit the area, NPO used drawings of the steel housing and designed T-Flex Tungsten shielding that fit snuggly around the meter. 3D printed molds were used to create […]

Vogtle Reactor Head Shielding

In 2021, Vogtle reached out to NPO to help develop a new shielding package for around the reactor head. Their current system consisted of two rings: one under the head, and one around the outside of the head. Each of these shield rings used 1’ x 6’ (305 mm x 1829 mm) 60 lb (27.2 […]

Oconee Reactor Head T-Flex Shielding

Reactor head shielding is an essential part of every refuel outage. Oconee Nuclear Station sought to upgrade the shielding used at the bottom of the reactor head, opting to use lead-free T-Flex Bismuth blankets. Specifically designed for the application, these blankets T-Flex blankets were covered in blue PVC with Oconee specified printing that clearly indicated […]