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Nuclear Power Radiation Shielding Overview

Nuclear Power Plants contain many radiological sources that are great candidates for temporary or permanent shielding to lower cumulative radiation exposure (CRE) to plant staff.  The various types of plants (PWR, BWR, CANDU, etc.), model diversity, and manufacturers of power plants create significant variation from plant to plant in every aspect.  This is especially true for nuclear power radiation shielding challenges.   Lead and T-Flex Blankets, Ribbon Wrap, Pipe Shields, Magnetic Tiles, and Floor Shielding are versatile products that can be applied to many applications.  Although custom shielding packages exist for Reactor Head, Steam Generator, Reactor Coolant Pump, Pressurizer, Reactor Face, Dry Fuel Storage, Refuel Bridge Crane, RHR Heat Exchangers, 360 Platform, etc., they vary from plant to plant.

NPO has developed a business model to serve the unique shielding needs of the Nuclear Power industry.  Our Sales and Engineering staff follow a robust process to understand your needs and quickly deliver solutions that work. 

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) / Radiography Overview

T-Flex shielding suspends high Z materials such as tungsten and bismuth in a polymer matrix to create radiation shielding that is non-toxic, flexible, and infinitely customizable.  T-Flex was created to address some of the limitations and challenges of traditional lead shielding.  The mixture of high Z material powder and polymer matrix provides both gamma and neutron attenuation.  Since T-Flex is a liquid poured at room temperature, and subsequently solidified by curing, it can be made to virtually any shape and allows embedding of magnets, handles, or other specialty hardware.  Its flexibility, non-toxic (no lead) composition, and surface finish allow it to be easily trimmed for field fitting and cleaned for decontamination.  T-Flex can withstand higher temperatures than lead wool blankets.  It is the best option for most industrial shielding applications. 

NPO invented T-Flex over 20 years ago and manufactures it in our facility in Lisle, IL.  It has since been deployed by dozens of Nuclear Power Plants, DOE facilities, and Naval Shipyards around the world. 

Nuclear Power Applications

Browns Ferry 360-Inspection Platform



Custom Fit Meter Shielding

Some shielding applications require a precise fit in order to shield effectively. The meter of this instrument was a streaming source for the workers operating it. To fit the...

Vogtle Reactor Head Shielding

In 2021, Vogtle reached out to NPO to help develop a new shielding package for around the reactor head. Their current system consisted of two rings: one under the...

Oconee Reactor Head T-Flex Shielding

Reactor head shielding is an essential part of every refuel outage. Oconee Nuclear Station sought to upgrade the shielding used at the bottom of the reactor head, opting to...

Brunswick Permanent Valve Shield Box

Brunswick Nuclear Station had a valve that was causing a room to be a locked high radiation area. They wished to implement a permanent shielding package in order to...

Primary Sample Panel Shielding

South Texas Project had long used lead wool blankets to shield their Primary Sample Panel, an area of the site within Chemistry that sees a lot of traffic. These...