Browns Ferry needed durable and effective floor shielding for the trough of their 360 cavity inspection platform. Like with most floor shielding applications, T-Flex® Bismuth was chosen because of its great attenuation properties relative to its cost. On top of the Bismuth shielding was a yellow slip-resistant tread surface to ensure workers would be able to safely walk over the shielding.

A series of wedge-shaped floor tiles were made and when laid in sequence, created a 333” OD x 263” ID (8.46 m OD x 6.68 m ID) ring of shielding totaling over 3,000 lb (1361 kg). The 68 pieces of the shielding package installed quickly and easily.

“Everyone is very satisfied with the shielding that [NPO] provided for the 360-inspection platform.” – Anonymous