Radiography is a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique that uses a radioactive source to detect flaws or defects in the internal structures, typically pipes. This testing process requires an “exclusion zone” to keep workers safe, and the use of shielding shrinks that exclusion zone and improves safety and efficiency.

NPO T-Flex Bismuth blankets are large and flexible shielding pieces that can greatly reduce primary beam radiation as well as scatter radiation. The PVC covers add durability and handleability.

Guide tube shielding reduces the flash dose taken while performing projection style radiography. Using T-Flex Bismuth wrapped in durable steel mesh sleeve, the source is shielded throughout the length as it is fed through the guide tube.



Radiography Blanket Attenuation

Isotope Attenuation
Se-75 86%
Ir-192 63%
Cs-137 38%
Co-60 24%


Guide Tube Shield Attenuation

Isotope Attenuation
Se-75 81%
Ir-192 57%
Cs-137 33%
Co-60 21%