NPO prides itself on being able to work with plant engineers, project managers, and ALARA personnel to design and manufacture large scale, unique shielding systems. If something needs to be shielded, be rest assured that NPO can come up with a design that meets dose reduction goals.

Core Barrel Shielding

NPO designed and built a custom Core Barrel Shield for Palisades plant and was recognized during the Nuclear Energy Institute’s best industry practice awards for the innovative shielding package to reduce radiation exposure through a more cost effective, safer method for core support barrel inspections.

Pressurizer Surge Line Permanent Shielding

In the cramped space near the steam generator lies the pressurizer surge line. Any shielding added to this area would cause conditions to be even more cramped than the typically are until NPO designed a steel and lead blanket shielding system suspended from the limited spots available to hang such shielding. This shielding was easy to install and maximized the amount of work space available.