Serpentine Rack adjustable freestanding shielding system hanging lead blankets and can be linked together

Serpentine Racks

NPO’s serpentine system is designed to provide virtually any shielding wall configuration, including low dose waiting areas, portable frisking caves, shadow shield walls, and shields for rad materials transfers.

This sturdy and adjustable system was designed to replace scaffolding, currently used to hang lead blankets. By placing the installation process in the hands of the RP department, setup time and potentially critical path time is saved.

The serpentine racks are adjustable from 6′ to 8′ tall, and link to one another to form a solid, continuous shield wall. Each rack sits on heavy duty casters with foldable steel support legs and is capable of holding 2880 lb of shielding blankets. Serpentine racks have been seismically qualified.

Serpentine Rack User’s Guide
lightweight shielding racks with carbon steel hooks for lead blankets are linkable and easy to carry

Light Duty Racks

Light Duty racks are an easier to deploy, much lighter weight shielding rack. Each aluminum rack weighs only 45 lb, making it light enough to carry by hand and quick to set up. While the frame is aluminum to keep the weigh down, the hooks are carbon steel and are able to handle the wear and tear of repeated shielding blanket install and uninstall.

These racks are ideal for temporary shielding and keeping dose rates low in areas where it would otherwise be difficult to set up a bulky rack or scaffolding system.

The Light Duty racks are 2′ wide and 6′ tall, and, like the serpentine racks, can link to one another to form a solid, continuous shield wall. Each rack is capable of holding 550 lb of shielding blankets, and have been seismically qualified.

cargo net and lattice system with swivel hooks to hang shielding blankets works with pipes and tanks

Cargo Nets and Lattice Systems

Substitute scaffolding with lattice webbing and integral swivel hooks. These systems are custom manufactured to work with pipes, tanks, or other applications. The integrated hooks cannot be removed and are spaced to fit the grommet spacing of whatever shielding blankets will be used. These are built to order and can be made in virtually any size.

Larger lattice systems may need integrated steel supports. NPO has built cargo net shield walls as big as 18′ x 24′.

S-Hooks carbon steel or stainless steel for shielding blankets. Cinch and Ratchet strap secure shielding in place.

Hooks and Straps

NPO carries S-Hooks in a variety of standard sizes in both carbon steel and stainless steel. For added security, spring clips can be added to ensure the blanket cannot fall off the S-Hook. Cinch and ratchet straps also in stock to tie together and hold shielding in place.