Customized lead wool blankets designed 2D layouts add magnets Velcro, cutouts

Curved Blankets, Magnets, Straps

Lead wool blankets can be designed and made with nearly any 2D layout imaginable. Add magnets, Velcro, cutouts, grommets, and cinch straps, and create a blanket truly designed specifically to get the job done.

Custom Product Application
Circular magnetic shielding for bio-door and nozzle shielding

Nozzle Shielding

NPO has worked with several BWR plants to create bio-door and nozzle shielding. The circular magnetic shielding is designed to fit snuggly around the nozzle. All pieces are made to fit for each plant’s specifications.

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Steam Generator shielding with magnetic lead wool panels provides dose reduction with quick installation

Steam Gen Shielding

Custom fit to any plant’s steam generators, these magnetically secured lead wool panels provide shielding between the worker and the side of the steam generator. The magnetism of these blankets allow for quick installation on any carbon steel surface while offering a significant dose reduction.

Custom Product Application