Designed lead products are shields with a steel shell and either custom cut or poured lead inside. These projects are usually casks and containers built with the intent to knock down as much dose as possible with several inches of lead encased in a stainless or carbon steel exterior.  NPO’s capabilities are not limited to what’s shown here. Contact NPO for solutions to unique shielding problems.


Working closely with plant engineering groups, permanent lead shielding can be designed and installed to pipe, elbows, and valves. Weight and seismic restrictions at factored every aspect of the shielding. The result is a type of lead cassette containing as much lead as is allowable and encased in stainless steel. Individual pieces are designed to be light enough to be positioned and installed efficiently.

Even with permanent shielding applications typically taking place in high dose areas of the plant where minimal exposure is required and picture references may be difficult to acquire, NPO’s engineering team can use laser scan data and plant drawings to ensure well-fitted and impactful shielding.

RHR Line Shielding at Perry Permanent Shielding at Davis-Besse


The storage and transportation of high dose waste require a significant amount of shielding. Not only is the source term typically very high, but that source has a high amount of exposure to the rest of the plant of facility as it is taken from point A to point B.

NPO has built specialized casks for these situations with enough lead and steel to provide a better than 99.9% dose reduction. From contaminated solid waste, high dose water filters, and medical waste, NPO has supplied successful shielding. Each cask and project is built with features tailored to the end user’s needs, whether it needs casters, extra heavy duty lift lugs, multiple lid openings and ports, or anything else.

Shielded Filter Casks

Modular Frisker Cave

Frisker caves for equipment and samples can often be cumbersome and/or immobile. This modular design ensures that the individual pieces can be brought to and set up where it is needed. A built in hook hold the detector.